Just some Global News since not every news network covers it.


Malaysia: MH17

Ukraine: Russian Militants & Prime Minister Resigning

Gaza: More than 600 Palestinians have been reported dead in the past 15 days. Also 3,700 are wounded.

Syria: 3 year civil war; 1,700 killed in the past week while 150,000 have died overall.

Iraq: 1/3 controlled by…

The website “Walla!” published comments from Israelis on a Haaretz article about the four children killed on the Gaza beach

  • Shani Moyal: “I couldn’t care less that Arab children were killed, too bad it wasn’t more. Well done to the IDF.”
  • Stav Sabah: “Really, these are great pictures. They make me so happy, I want to look at them again and again.”
  • Sharon Avishi: “Only four? Too bad. We hoped for more.”
  • Daniela Turgeman: “Great. We need to kill all the children.”
  • Chaya Hatnovich: “There isn’t a more beautiful picture than those of dead Arab children.”
  • Orna Peretz: “Why only four?”
  • Rachel Cohen: “I’m not for children dying in Gaza. I’m for everyone burning.”
  • Tami Mashan: “As many children as possible should die.”


About 70 years ago, the world watched Nazi Germany massacre millions before anyone did anything to stop it.
In 2014, we watch the strategic elimination of the Palestinian people.
70 years from now, the world will look back and wonder how we did nothing to stop it before the damage was done.

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